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Jenny Tan

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AI Ethics can be Difficult to Control: ISACA Singapore’s Jenny Tan

Corinium APAC Content Director Director Vanessa Jalleh sits down with the President of ISACA Singapore, Jenny Tan, to talk about cybersecurity in the era of large language models (LLMs).

One of the biggest recent disrupters in the technology sector has been the emergence of mainstream large language models and the impact they are having globally on day-to day-life.

Some of the discussion points that came up in conversation includes:

  • LLMs have changed the way the information security community views the potential of AI. What are some of the challenges and opportunities for cybersecurity around generative AI?
  • The challenge cyber security leaders face is bringing their information security strategy to life in business. How can we embrace business language and the business’s way of thinking to drive more successful cyber security strategies?
  • Are there new threats that we should be wary of or prepared to face?
  • Changing from a reactive to proactive approach: How can we adopt a more proactive outlook to cybersecurity?
  • How can you enhance an organisation’s capabilities and strengthen cyber posture in times of high risk?

Coinhako CISO shares cybersecurity awareness insights

Corinium’s Vanessa Jalleh speaks to Pasi Koistinen, Chief Information Security Officer at Coinhako, ahead of CISO Singapore.

Cybersecurity awareness within an organisation can be the ultimate defense against bad actors and serve as the cornerstone of security. Coinhako information security leader Pasi Koistinen shared his thoughts on cyber risk awareness, stakeholder collaboration and new trends in cybersecurity.

Topics covered in the conversation include:

  • Approaching cybersecurity management and awareness within an organisation
  • How to ensure that employees are aware of and adhere to cybersecurity policies and best practices.
  • Strategies or tools employed to promote a culture of cybersecurity awareness.
  • How to staying updated on the latest cybersecurity threats, trends, and best practices
  • Assess and measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness initiatives with metrics and indicators.
  • Collaborating with other departments or stakeholders to ensure cybersecurity management and awareness are integrated into the overall business strategy.

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